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The Romantic Rhine Region

It is called the “Romantic Rhine Region.”  I know why.  It’s simply glorious to drive up and down the majestic Rhine, spotting castles every few kilometers that are backed by verdant hillsides, corrugated with vineyards.  Every inch of it is eye candy. Many of the vineyards are nearly vertical!  And the Rhine is a flurry…

Cars and Castles: Lots of Both!

You would think road tripping with navigation is easier when we used maps back in the day. But I don’t know. We are constantly flummoxed. Why are we going this way? What is she thinking? We frantically look at the map trying to determine whether or not “she”–our GPS navigator-knows what she’s doing. This is…

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber

My companions picked me up at my Frankfurt hotel in style: driving an Alfa Romeo SUV. I’m traveling with my sister Cindy and her husband John, and their granddaughter Eden who has taken three years of German. John was tickled the rental company upgraded the car because he refused a standard transmission. We jetted to…


My train ride to Munich turned into an Oktberfest celebration!  As we got closer to Munich the train filled up with passengers sporting lederhosen and Bavarian dirndl skirts. My seat mates began passing out  spirits, pretzels, and beef sticks. It was only the beginning of what I’m sure will be a festive weekend for everyone.…

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