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My train ride to Munich turned into an Oktberfest celebration!  As we got closer to Munich the train filled up with passengers sporting lederhosen and Bavarian dirndl skirts. My seat mates began passing out  spirits, pretzels, and beef sticks. It was only the beginning of what I’m sure will be a festive weekend for everyone.

I easily found the train to Nurnberg, but at Nurnberg nobody seemed to know about the buses and I had a short connection–10 minutes. I finally located the bus station across a busy street. As I was tearing across the street–with my luggage mind you–a man called after me, “the train to Prague is here!”  I could’ve kissed the man, but I thanked him so profusely he seemed uncomfortable.  The buses across the street must have been local buses and I would’ve wandered ad infinitum looking for a bus to Prague.

Arriving in Prague is spectacular. Even though everyone told me it was beautiful I wasn’t prepared. I’ll be taking pictures tomorrow.

I got an excellent recommendation for dinner at Lokal where they have authentic Czech food. I ordered Brussels sprouts soup and pork terrine, at my waiter’s recommendation.

The soup was savory and contrasted nicely with freshly made croutons. As I ate, several others joined my table. I enjoyed having the company. I asked my Czech table mate about the terrine. He said it was a traditional Czech dish made with chopped meat pressed in a tube and then sliced, the equivalent of Scottish haggis. I was horrified. It was covered with raw chopped onion and vinegar. I tried to channel my dad–he would have loved it–but I couldn’t. I am returning to the restaurant tonight though, and I know what to order thanks to my Czech friend!

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