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Great Britain

Robin Hood’s Bay – We Made It!

Crazy delicious things I loved about the coast to coast walk: Putting my head on the pillow each night, not knowing where I’ll be the next night. I have a name of where I’ll be, but no picture in my head. What will it look like? Not knowing where I am in the day—what time…

Rain in the North York Moors

This 18 1/2-mile day was almost exclusively spent on the highland moors. I felt like we were on the North Pole of a heather-covered globe! This is the day the heavens finally opened, and poured on us for hours. Joseph dug his flannel coat from his backpack but neglected to put on his rain poncho.…

Up and Down the Cleveland Hills

The honeymoon is over. The first few days Joseph and I were giddy and woke early. We couldn’t wait to get on the road and explore new vistas. That has changed, however. We are still excited to experience the walk, but we are facing the days with fortitude. We have aged. Today, Day 5, we…

To Richmond, and Beyond!

When we woke this morning Joseph said “I don’t think I’ve ever walked 23 miles in one day.” Because that’s what we were facing. Twenty-three miles. And if Joseph hadn’t done it, my prospects seemed grim. But I’m ahead of myself. Yesterday was another hike with beautiful landscapes. We are discovering a new vocabulary that…

Swaledale River Valley

Today we followed the Swaledale River through what many say is the most beautiful of the Yorkshire Dales. Compared to yesterday, the walk was blissful. And by that I mean there were no bogs!  We still climbed a fair amount, 1200 feet in 12.5 miles, but it was easy walking for the most part. We…

Bogged Down in Britain

Last night Joseph and I had a conversation about bogs. We knew we didn’t want to get “bogged down” but didn’t know exactly what that meant.  Twenty-four hours later, I know exactly what a bog is. A bog is spongy ground cover that soaks up the rain. The thing is, you’re not sure it’s soaked…

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk in England

My son Joseph and I have been planning a grand adventure: Wainwright’s Coast-to-Coast walk in England. The walk is near the northern border of Scotland at the narrowest neck of land. The walk goes through the Lake District, the Dales, and the Moors. We decided to do the second half of the journey, from Kirkby…

G is for Great Britain

I’m waiting for my son Joseph to arrive in London. I’m so excited I can’t stand it!  I had plans to attend a museum but felt distracted and decided to walk to a famous department store instead. It’s Liberty of London. I had no idea this department store was so elegant! Among all the chain…

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