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In 2015 I booked an adventure in Bali doing things I love: art lessons, stamping and dying indigo fabric, cooking classes, beaches, temples, massages, etc. I told my daughter, Chanel, "I'm going to B destinations this year--Belize and Bali--and doing C next year." We giggled. And then I thought--THAT'S BRILLIANT--I'M DOING IT! I've got time. I'll finish when I'm 84!
Bali was cancelled because some volcano was throwing ash causing the airport to close. So I started properly by visiting a country that started with "A!" Hope you'll join me for the fun as I work my through the alphabet visiting countries.
Plan B: I'm to going to visit an A country so I can begin my ABCs properly. WHAT "A" COUNTRY SHOULD I VISIT? (Btw, Bali isn't a country anyway.)

Abu Simbel

This morning we rose at 4:00 a.m. to travel to southernmost Egypt bordering on Sudan. I watched the moon set–which was almost as gorgeous as the setting sun! Abu Simbel […]
Abu Simbel