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Last Days in Belize, March 2015

Our last days in Belize were spent in Caye Caulker, an island without paved roads. We were lucky enough to stay at Seaside Cabanas.  A friend in Placencia said it was the nicest place to stay in Caye Caulker and we agreed. And it was a great price. A day on a catamaran was a…

Catching Up from Belize (February 2015)

Hello all! Didn’t want you to get sick of hearing from me so I gave you a break! I left you Wednesday. On Thursday we got massages and had a pool day and had seaweed shakes. Supposed to be very healthy and fortunately, I could not detect the flavor of seaweed. Friday we flew on a…

Selfies & Golf Cart Fun in Placencia

Jasmine, my daughter, said enough of the scenery. She wants pictures of me! So here you go. We rented a golf cart and drove from stem to stern on this 23-mile peninsula.  Always fun with my erratic friend, Deb, at the wheel!  We stopped for a delicious lunch overlooking Maya Beach. We came back for…

Snorkeling Heaven in Silk Caye

Today we took a boat out to Silk Caye, a deserted island, for a three-hour tour. Just kidding. It’s close to the barrier reef–the second largest in the world. The snorkeling was freaking unbelievable! I felt like I entered a magic fantasy world with gigantic brain coral, sea fans, ruffling and undulating things everywhere in…

Placencia, February 2015

Today we boated to Monkey River where we spotted manatee, turtles, howler monkeys, snakes, tarantula, and many beautiful birds–so John you can either be impressed or jealous, your choice.  Those hanging things are bird nests! The birds are social and group together. Our guide was Creole. There are many ethnic groups in Belize. There were…

Farewell to Banana Bank, February 2015

We said good bye to our friends at Banana Bank this morning. We had a lovely visit with Caroline yesterday in her gallery talking about her paintings.  Her paintings are remarkable reflections of her life in Belize, and each one tells a story.  Caroline and Bob have made such a difference in the community of…

I DID IT! February 2015

My boys—Joseph, Kevin and Kyle (son and sons-in-law)–will be so proud of me!! Today we went spelunking in Actun_Tunichil_Muknal, a cave where they have ancient Mayan artifacts. When it was discovered in 1982 they decided to leave the artifacts intact since many are calcified. We began by hiking through the jungle and crossing three rivers…

The Mother of all Mayan Ruins, February 2015

Today I went to another country: Guatamala. We traveled to Tikal, which had over 250,000 inhabitants at one time! It was mind boggling. In retrospect, Deb and I wondered how many miles we walked–we walked for hours. Yet only 15% of the ruins have been excavated!  Here are some highlights. The first picture of ruins…

What an Unbelievable 24 Hours!

Deb and I arrived at the  Banana Bank Lodge about 5:00 yesterday. It definitely fits into the category of eccentric lodging, but we LOVE it. We have a communal dinner at 6:30 with all the guests and happened to be seated by the owners last night, Carolyn (artist) and Bob (cowboy). I asked Carolyn what…

B is for Belize

It’s time to revisit Belize so I can account for my “B” country! My best friend Deb mentioned last Christmas she was going to Belize and wondered who wanted to join her. I said “I’m in!” without hesitation. Deb planned the trip brilliantly. We travelled to four locations so we got to see different parts…

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    • Yes!! The long flights are a drag–especially with a mask. I’ve managed to get myself into a zone where I watch movies the whole flight. Trying to sleep is never satisfying 😩.
      I love reading about people’s travels. I hope you’ll enjoy mine.


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