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Food, Glorious Food!

I’ve decided that a perfect first day in a new country is a market tour with tastings. That’s what I did today and it WAS perfect. We met at the Triana Market by the Guadalquivir River in the center of Seville, but every area has a market as it’s customary in Spain to buy groceries…

Of Palaces and Pedicures

I’ve initiated a tradition of having a flag themed mani-pedi of the country I’m visiting. As George Bernard Shaw said, “You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?” (Robert F. Kennedy used this as a theme for his presidential campaign). So, why not have…


When our tour guide, Umut, said we were visiting one of the best preserved Roman cities I said, “Umut, EVERY country has ‘one of the best preserved Roman cities.’” He replied, “I promise you Rhonda, you will not be disappointed.” And I wasn’t. I can always trust Umut. At first glance the ruins seemed average,…

TURKEY: Food, Glorious Food!

My cousin mentioned she loved Germany. I asked her what she loved about it. She loved the public transportation, the cleanliness, their accommodations, the people. I said “and the food?” She replied that she was on a Candida diet at the time. I think I may have overreacted when I burst out with “what a…


“Cotton castles” is what Pamukkale means in Turkish. I was mesmerized by the scale of these geologic formations and felt like my eyes lacked the ability to absorb the beauty! These enchanting pools come from underground hot springs. The calcium-rich thermal water has deposited minerals for millennia, creating blinding white travertine spilling down the mountains.…

Turkish Q&A

What is the meaning of the sediment from this Turkish coffee? Umut, our tour guide, spotted three rings which represent roads and traveling. This was Bree’s coffee cup, and she’s been to 37 countries so that’s an accurate reading! Umut claimed he didn’t know how to read a coffee cup but his mother did. When…

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