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“F” is for France! And I’m Here!!

First impressions:

  1. The rooftops are charming!  I came directly to Strausberg from the airport. When the train arrived it was dark. When I woke up this morning I was delighted to look out from my third story window at all the red tile rooves. Most of the tiles are semicircles so they have a frilly appearance and are aged to a yummy variety of terra cotta hues.
  2. Men feel comfortable not only wearing scarves, but wearing floral scarves in color palettes I would assume are for females.
  3. Everyone has been so helpful!  Yesterday I started walking in a direction that looked promising for a bus to Strausberg city center. A kind couple made sure I arrived at the bus stop, after they queried where I was from (“E-da-ho!”) and I found the word for potatoes: pomme terra. Today the entire group at the bus stop volunteered information to the train station. A kindly gentleman took my suitcase, made the transfer from the bus to the tram with me, and instructed me when to get off after he left!

  4. Strausberg is a lovely place, situated on a river. The biggest attraction is the Notre Dame Cathedral (not THE Notre Dame, but also named Notre Dame). I turned a corner and it suddenly appeared, looming above me!  After thoroughly soaking up every gorgeous detail of the cathedral–including an enormous astronomical clock–I spent the afternoon in the Rohan Palace Museum. I enjoyed learning the history of the Alsace region of France in the archeological museum.  Briefly, Celtics were here, they dispersed when the Romans set up camp for several centuries, and the Germans finally managed to insert themselves but without much influence.
    The gelato rose!

  5. “Moi” may be mistaken, but I’m afraid Kermit is on display at the charcouterie!

    The window shopping yields culinary delights of all flavors, colors, and shapes!  The patisseries do not disappoint, although I opted for the rose shaped gelato and some mouthwatering caramels on my first day. I must make certain I am burning enough calories to keep tasting! I’m in food heaven!

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