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Will It Be Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, or the Dominican Republic?!?

I’m more excited than ever about this endeavor!  I LOVED Austria, Belize, and the Czech Republic. I never would’ve visited the Czech Republic unless I needed a “C” country–and I think it’s my favorite.

BUT IT’S A NEW YEAR. And I’m looking at my “D” choices. Surprisingly, there are only four. Let’s start with Denmark

Eighteen months ago I was grumpy because I wasn’t divorced yet. My daughter, Chanel, said “you need to go on a trip.”  So I booked a cruise that left from Denmark (Chanel is bossy and I always do what she says. We’re all afraid of her). I relished the thought of exploring unknown territory–I’d never been to Europe. I decided to spend several days in Denmark before the cruise.

I entered the “Happiest Country in the World” with much anticipation. I decided to take the train–I’d read it was cheaper and easy because it’s connected to the airport.

Copenhagen Airport

Unfortunately, the handle on my bag would not pull up. What do they do with our luggage behind closed doors?! It seems like you have to buy a new bag every other trip because they are hammered. So pushing the bag was unwieldy, though not impossible because the rollers were working. I entered the moving escalator to the train station. It was not level, but sloped down to glass doors at the bottom. I lost my bag, and watched helplessly as it gathered speed on the downward descent and crashed into the glass door, shattering it!!!!! I looked around to report my mishap, but couldn’t find anyone official. An English fellow standing nearby said “what’re you to do, then?” I screamed–in my head, also with an English accent –“YES!  What’m I to do?!”  I tried to regain composure, since quite a crowd had witnessed my arrival.  And when the train arrived I stepped on and never looked back.

Evidence of my Dramatic Entry into Denmark

I love Denmark, but I feel it would violate the integrity of my challenge if I return. I should travel someplace I haven’t been. So, Djibouti?  I didn’t even know there was a Djibouti and I love saying it. But here’s what the State Department says about it:  “The U.S. government remains concerned about possible attacks on U.S. citizens, whether visiting or residing in Djibouti.”  I guess that’s a no for Djibouti.

Next is Dominica. Again, I didn’t know there was an island other than the Dominican Republic (I’m beginning to feel ashamed about my limited knowledge of geography).  This island is called the Nature Island of the Caribbean and compared to Hawaii. They have recently completed a national hiking trail which connects all the natural wonders of the island. I was favoring Dominica as my choice until I discovered they’d been hit by Hurricane Erika last August and suffered, among other disasters, $40 million damage to the airport.

I GUESS IT’S THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!  If any of you have been there I would appreciate recommendations. I’m thrilled to have company. My daughter, Chanel, will be with me the first week. And my dear friends Debbie and Peggy will be joining me midway. I’m ready for my next adventure!

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