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Kurhotel Vellererhof

Kurhotel Vellererhof Austria

Kurhotel Vellererhof

Every day I spent at Kurhotel Vellererhof I looked forward to arriving at my comfortable accommodations that evening.  It is a four-star hotel known for their spa treatments. One of the guests I spoke with mentioned he and his wife spend ten days every year at the hotel–separately–to improve their physical and emotional health.

I booked this hotel since my tour was cancelled and hotels in Salzburg city center were booked. The hotel is five miles from Salzburg, which is the primary reason I fell in love with it. I was able to experience the beauty and charm of village life.

The phenomenal breakfast and lunch buffet are included with your room.  Enjoying the mountain view on the terrace each morning with a tasty breakfast was the perfect start to my day.  I had dinner at the restaurant only one evening, but the meal certainly met the high standards of the establishment: perfectly prepared halibut with a crispy crust complimented by fluffy whipped peas!  It was divine.

Kurhotel Vellererhof Austria

My Favorite–the Cheese!

Since I was less interested in the spa and more interested in touring Salzburg this meant I had to be shuttled to the train station every day and picked up in the evening. The desk staff were very accommodating in helping me plan my journeys.

A problem arose, however, when I needed to contact them so the shuttle could pick me up. They preferred that I call when leaving the main Salzburg station. This meant I had to ask someone on the train if they could call the hotel for me!  Luckily, the good people of Austria were kind and helped willingly.

Kurhotel Vellererhof Austria

The day I traveled to Hallstatt, however, I encountered a problem. While talking to the desk clerk the call was dropped. Before I lost the call, however, I’d confirmed my arrival time so I wasn’t concerned. When I arrived at the local station the shuttle wasn’t waiting. I walked to the supermarket hoping it was open. It was closed. So I literally had to flag down a car and ask her to call the hotel!  I can just hear my daughters saying, “mom–this is why you can’t be trusted to travel alone!” But things always work out. Except that nobody could pick me up! So they called a cab and I paid €20 for a very short ride that I wasn’t willing to walk because it was 800 meters straight up.

In spite of that, I count myself fortunate to have spent time at Kurhotel Bellererhof. It’s a slice of heaven on earth.

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