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Colors of Innsbruck

I travelled by train to Innsbruck today. I’m compiling a list of life lessons I’ve learned using the trains in Austria, to be published at a later date. Today’s experience was uneventful, thankfully. And I’ve yet to tire of bucolic countryside dotted with occasional castles. A Tirol gentleman whose wife is Croation provided conversation. He was proud of his heritage, understandably. His Tyrolean family have been here for generations. He and his wife have purchased property on the coast of Croatia to build their retirement home.

My hotel was easily located in the city center and I was anxious to walk to Old Town. More splendid architecture, of course, but the colors surprised me. There seemed to be magnificent buildings in every color of the rainbow!

I decided it was high time to sample the schnitzel and spaetzle. I was lucky enough to sit by some newlyweds–they got married in a castle, which happens to be in the bride’s hometown! Now they’re visiting the groom’s family here in Austria. When I mentioned what I was doing–traveling and writing a blog–the groom got very cranky. The couple both work at a resort on an island in the Maldives. The groom wasn’t cranky for long and explained that bloggers can be a pain in the neck in their line of work, always angling for freebies. This thought captivated me. But when he asked how many followers I have I was ashamed to answer. Has anyone even technically followed me?  Oh well, I’ll be funding all my trips in the near future unless we can up my game.

I enjoyed chatting with these people–I haven’t eaten with anyone since I’ve been in Austria!  I was sad to see them go. And when I went to pay the bill, guess what? They’d paid it for me!  I guess they thought I’m such a hopeless blogger they better give me a free meal.

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  1. Hello Mrs. Rhonda.Thanks for the nice conversation.
    Yes, the colors of Innsbruck are fantastically.
    But the colors and shapes of Prague are irresistible.
    Enjoy it!
    The Gentleman from the train


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