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Yerer, Ethiopia

We knew immediately it was a Market Day because we passed a multitude of donkeys bearing burdens. And oxen. And horse-and-buggys. And people. They walk from Yerer to Debre Zeyt for Market Days which is 7 or 8 kilometers! There are three Market Days a week and I love them because it’s like a parade with beasts instead of floats.  The donkeys are adorable–I never tire of seeing them.

Larry, our resident genius, spearheads installing drip system irrigation gardens for several families.  It has been so well-received that instead of three we’ve installed six!  The villagers are anxious to work with us to set the system up. They only have to fill the bucket twice daily for the garden to flourish.

The families are welcoming and often invite us into their home.  The kitchen is usually dominated by the large griddle to make injera, and is separate from where they eat. If they have animals they have a system to dry the dung and stack it for use as fuel.

We visited a mill that grinds the many grains grown in this area.  Mostly tef, for the injera that is eaten at every meal.  But also a random mixture used to ferment beer.  Beer has obvious disadvantages but it kills parasites!

These days are flying by!  So grateful to Engage Now Africa for organizing this trip. I don’t want it to end.

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