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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The “Zona Colonial” (or colonial zone) of Santo Domingo is enchanting. The area is rich with history because these buildings were the first European structures in the New World.

We stayed at Hostal de Ovando, which was the first governor’s residence. It’s in the center of Zona Colonial. I would highly recommend this hotel for anyone traveling to Santo Domingo. Stepping outside is like stepping back in time. We loved strolling the streets and gazing at the ancient structures.

Summer snd Chanel left the next morning, so I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art. My favorite exhibition featured Clara Ledesma. It’s interesting to view a gallery without being able to read information about the artist, but I love her lyrical paintings that predominantly feature women. Perhaps I was selectively perceiving the artist’s intent, but I felt there was a message of strong women forming a network for one another through stages of life.

Wikipedia quotes journalist Horia Tanasescu, “At times ironic, often playful, but taking great care in the production of her paintings, this artist introduces an enthusiasm for life to the national art scene that is in striking contrast to the solemnity of the majority of her fellow artists.”

The Malecon

I walked to the malecon and strolled along the beach back to the Colonial Zone. When I reached the hotel I was drenched!  One of my ultimate pleasures in life is plunging into cool water when I’ve been sweating. Which is pretty much any time I move.

Tomorrow my my friend Deb arrives and we head to the north side of the island for more adventures!  I can’t wait.

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