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The High Price of Laundry in the Czech Republic

I made a colossal mistake!  I needed to wash my clothes but there aren’t any self service laundromats. So I decided to bite the bullet and have it done here at the hotel.  I returned to my room to find my fresh laundry and a bill for 4,320 Czech crowns.  That seemed like a lot so I used my phone to calculate.  $177.47!  WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!? I spent $177 to do my laundry?  I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I spoke to the front desk. They gave me a 20% discount so I only spent 3,456 crowns or $141.97.

The only way I can get over this is to pretend there’s a tax when you travel to the Czech Republic. You can’t do your own laundry and are forced to pay a laundry tariff to support the economy. Is this logic working for you?  I’m clinging to this thought to help me cope with the loss of $141.97.

I woke up with my eye nearly swollen shut!  I must have been bitten by something. I kept itching it yesterday. Perhaps I could leverage this to get further discounts on my laundry?

I headed to Prague Castle, across the Charles Bridge and up!  It was glorious, watching street performers and soaking up the beauty of the city. Sometimes I feel dizzy because everywhere I look is captivating: old hardware, unique doors and windows, layers of red rooves, and stunning architectural details.

The castle complex is enormous–the largest castle complex in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  I can’t imagine the wealth that sustained these extravagant buildings. I wandered for hours.

I returned to the Klementinum for a concert last night at the Cathedral of St. Clement. The organ music is so dramatic!  It feels like somehow the music originates in the depth of your soul. The sobering tones of the organ were complimented by strings. I’d forgotten how classical music stirs emotions. I enjoyed every moment while studying the magnificent frescoes and stone and wooden sculptures.Prague food Czech Republic

I stopped for a late dinner and ordered an appetizer before I returned to the hotel. Look what I got! That onion marmalade was delicious. And the food is cheap. I’ll spend my food surplus on laundry!

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  1. That is some kind of fancy detergent they are using. Glad to see it didn’t dampen your spirits! The architecture, the music, the food . . . It all sounds and looks divine!


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