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Booking Hotels in the TSA Line

This was an interesting morning. I was getting ready to drive to the airport when I received an email from Viator informing me that my tour had been cancelled!  It was the railway tour I booked for the first seven days. And they were going to pick me up at the airport. 😒

The email suggested I call the Austrian tour company for other options. She had no other options. And my misplaced booking was NOT their fault.

So I called Viator. Of course it was not their fault either. They sincerely tried to find other tours for me–I can safely assume because I was holding for thirty minutes–but failed. So I booked a hotel in Vienna for one night before I left the house.

While I was in the TSA line I booked a hotel in Salzburg.  Well, it’s not actually IN Salzburg because informed me that 90% of hotels are booked in Salzburg!  Since I couldn’t stay in the center of Salzburg I decided I’d stay five miles out at Vollererhof Gesundheitszentrum.  Makes me want to sneeze.  It’s a health spa that was built in 1927 with a bucolic view.

BTW, I highly recommend making travel arrangements in the TSA line.  The time flew by.

So I’ll take my own railway tour from Vienna to Salzburg and then who knows? I may get on the train and you’ll never see me again.

I had time for Ivar’s so all is well.  Time to get my compression socks on.😖





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  1. Oh my goodness! Well I certainly hope your inauspicious beginning leads to travel heaven. I think you may just end up with a fabulous time and story. Travel safe and i can’t wait to hear the next chapter.


  2. Oh no!! I mean, I love the adventure you’ll have now, but the train tour did sound like so much fun. It’s good this way – you’ll have to ask people as you go and I bet you’ll find some gems. Best of luck!


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