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The Votes are In!

Far and away, your #1 recommendation for me is Australia with 16 votes!  I would love to see Australia.  One of my best friends is from Australia.  I’m CRAZY about her!  And every person I’ve ever met from Australia seems to have the same qualities I love about her: she’s fun-loving, easygoing, and hardworking.  So I would LOVE to see Australia.  Never mind that I just watched a film, Tracks, about a single female crossing the deserts of Australia with camels and her dog.  I don’t think it cast Australia in the best light, however, it won’t dampen my enthusiasm for a trip “down under.”

The #2 recommendation with 9 votes is Austria.  There were some compelling arguments about Austria’s unsurpassed beauty and “Sound of Music” scenery.  And I’m also interested in Mozart’s history–does anyone remember the film Amadeus from the 80’s? (You can tell that most of the world I’ve experienced is from Hollywood.)  That film was intense and I’m interested to know more about him.  Austria would be a gorgeous choice.

Next we have Argentina and Aruba, tied for 3rd place with 4 votes each.  I’ve spent time in Aruba.  I remember thinking “this is what they mean by beautiful beaches!”  The water is a perfect temperature, the sand is fine, and the water is so calm you can float on it!  It is barren, however, and there’s not much other than the beaches.

Argentina, though, is a tempting choice!  So much in that country to see and experience culturally.  Hmmmm.  This will be a touch choice.

I don’t feel like the other countries are legitimate contenders.  America is a continent, not a country.  But when I hit “U” I may consider a colossal road trip in the United States of America.  The Azores and Alaska, again, not countries.

Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, not happening.  I LOVE THIS GAME!  I’ll let you know as soon as I decide.

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  1. This is brilliant! I wish I could join you for every journey, but I’ll just live vicariously through this blog. Can’t wait to hear where ‘A’ will take you…


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