The Mother of all Mayan Ruins, February 2015

Today I went to another country: Guatamala. We traveled to Tikal, which had over 250,000 inhabitants at one time! It was mind boggling. In retrospect, Deb and I wondered how many miles we walked–we walked for hours. Yet only 15% of the ruins have been excavated!  Here are some highlights. The first picture of ruins … More The Mother of all Mayan Ruins, February 2015

B is for Belize

It’s time to revisit Belize so I can account for my “B” country! My best friend Deb mentioned last Christmas she was going to Belize and wondered who wanted to join her. I said “I’m in!” without hesitation. Deb planned the trip brilliantly. We travelled to four locations so we got to see different parts … More B is for Belize