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And the Winner Is . . .

Well it can’t be Australia, because I want to go with my favorite Aussie, Debbie Holder, if her social calendar ever clears!

And since I already went tropical this year, I’m going to pass on Argentina.  My son, Joseph, thinks I should do an ABC trip to South America next year with Argentina, Brazil, and Chile or Columbia.  I like that idea.

But the winner is Austria!  And since I’m so close I’m also going to hit Czechoslovakia!  I’ll have a decent start to my challenge, knocking off A, B, and C this year with Austria, Belize, and Czechoslovakia.

I’ve booked a week long railway tour in Austria.  That will be a great way to see the spectacular scenery.  The tour will start in Vienna, then travel to Salzburg and Innsbruck.

Then I plan on spending some time in Prague before taking another tour in Czechoslovakia.  This tour will take me to destinations that include Cesky Krumlov, a Bohemian city that is a UNESCO world heritage site.

I’ll finish back in Vienna where I’ve booked a ticket to a Vienna Boys Choir concert.  I’m pretty certain I’ll find time for food tours and the Vienna “Naschmarkt”–which is a combination food/flea market.

What do you think?  Any other recommendations?

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    • Jennifer–thanks so much for this post. With all the experience you’ve had seeing beautiful places, I should definitely see Croatia! I enjoyed meeting you at the WordPress class and hope to see you again.


  1. This sounds like an amazing idea! Are you going alone? I personally discovered that I really like traveling by myself. And I loved Prague! The people that live in the Czech Republic are so nice! Good luck on your journey!

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  2. I’m so excited for you! Austria is going to be amazing!!! I’m glad you are doing this blog so that I can follow along and live vicariously through you!

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