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Columbia River Gorge

One of my favorite drives is returning from Idaho to Olympia, Washington, where I’m living. About 160 miles into Oregon there’s a scenic viewpoint that offers a commanding view of the drop into Pendleton–a 6% grade! The descent from the Blue Mountains on Emigrant Hill contains switchbacks that are the tightest allowed on the interstate […]

It’s Always Fun When Stephanie Comes!

When my dear friend Stephanie visits, the world applauds!  Or at least I do.  I jokingly tell Steph we could never have travelled together when we were young because I was fanatic about being punctual which was complicated by my lack of patience.  Luckily, after life beats you up, you let go of those unattractive […]

I Left My Heart in Green Valley

I am no respecter of trips. By that I mean I enjoy a road trip along the Columbia River gorge to visit my family in Idaho nearly as much as flying somewhere exotic. So this was a great week for me. My daughter, Jasmine, and I drove from Olympia, Washington, to Green Valley, California. Most […]