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I Left My Heart in Green Valley

I am no respecter of trips. By that I mean I enjoy a road trip along the Columbia River gorge to visit my family in Idaho nearly as much as flying somewhere exotic. So this was a great week for me. My daughter, Jasmine, and I drove from Olympia, Washington, to Green Valley, California. Most […]

And the Winner Is . . .

Well it can’t be Australia, because I want to go with my favorite Aussie, Debbie Holder, if her social calendar ever clears! And since I already went tropical this year, I’m going to pass on Argentina.  My son, Joseph, thinks I should do an ABC trip to South America next year with Argentina, Brazil, and […]

The Votes are In!

Far and away, your #1 recommendation for me is Australia with 16 votes!  I would love to see Australia.  One of my best friends is from Australia.  I’m CRAZY about her!  And every person I’ve ever met from Australia seems to have the same qualities I love about her: she’s fun-loving, easygoing, and hardworking.  So […]

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