Farewell to Banana Bank, February 2015

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Farewell to Banana Bank, February 2015

We said good bye to our friends at Banana Bank this morning. We had a lovely visit with Caroline yesterday in her gallery talking about her paintings.  Her paintings are remarkable reflections of her life in Belize, and each one tells a story.  Caroline and Bob have made such a difference in the community of Belmopan all the years they’ve lived in Belize.  It was a pleasure to spend time with them!

Before I leave the interior of Belize, I want to mention the role the Mennonites have played in developing Belize.  When the Mennonites came from Germany they negotiated a deal with the government that they are exempt from property taxes! I think it was brilliant, however, because the Mennonites seem to have business acumen that has helped the country prosper. The above picture shows fields of sorghum the Mennonites raise for cattle feed.

I also wanted to share a peak at the cemeteries in Guatamala. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Guatamela means “colorful land!”

Mario drove us to Dangrega to catch the bus to Placencia. We arrived at noon and the next bus was at 6:00?. OH NO!  Luckily there was another option: a bus to Independence, water taxi to Placentia, cab to our lodging.

We had a lovely swim at our new accommodations, Millers Landing. We love our little cottage that is steps from the pool and the beach. Then we walked the beach, and had a lovely meal while we watched the sun set.

I’ve included some pics of homes in Dangrega–I’ve been anxious to get photos of Belizean homes as many are on stilts! You may think they’re abandoned–they’re not.


Rhonda Sarantis

Rhonda Sarantis

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