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September 2015

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Who Doesn’t Love a Parade?!

I took the shuttle to St. Jakob’s am Thurn this morning. I love visiting different churches and hadn’t had a chance to see the village yet. I was delighted to discover they were celebrating something–I don’t know what–but who doesn’t love a celebration?  I noticed the unique wrought iron crosses in the churchyard cemetery. Another […]

A Mighty Fortress

I successfully navigated the trains and buses to arrive in Old Town Salzburg. The streets were charming, as you’d expect, but the tourist shops didn’t hold much interest for me. Then I happened upon the Saturday Market and the chorus swelled–I love Farmers Markets! I browsed the meat, cheeses, and breads wishing my sister and […]

The Palace

I woke up early after a great night’s sleep so I walked to the Hundertwasser. It was identified as “great and unique architecture” and so it was! I grabbed a delicious ham and cheese croissant (with the assistance of the clerk imitating a pig so I’d know what was in the filling!) and enjoyed watching […]

Chocolate or Crackers?

The flight to Frankfort was infinitely more enjoyable than I anticipated. I realized the flight was nearly ten hours and I would arrive before my normal bedtime. AND there were unlimited movies available! So I had a movie marathon and watched four movies, arriving just as the French film finished. The flight from Frankfort to […]

Booking Hotels in the TSA Line

This was an interesting morning. I was getting ready to drive to the airport when I received an email from Viator informing me that my tour had been cancelled!  It was the railway tour I booked for the first seven days. And they were going to pick me up at the airport. The email suggested […]

It’s Always Fun When Stephanie Comes!

When my dear friend Stephanie visits, the world applauds!  Or at least I do.  I jokingly tell Steph we could never have travelled together when we were young because I was fanatic about being punctual which was complicated by my lack of patience.  Luckily, after life beats you up, you let go of those unattractive […]

I Left My Heart in Green Valley

I am no respecter of trips. By that I mean I enjoy a road trip along the Columbia River gorge to visit my family in Idaho nearly as much as flying somewhere exotic. So this was a great week for me. My daughter, Jasmine, and I drove from Olympia, Washington, to Green Valley, California. Most […]

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