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September 2015

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Czech Republic Starring Roles: Castles and Beer

What a whirlwind day!  I enjoyed fascinating conversation ranging from the Hussite wars to carp for Christmas Eve. Zoe drove us through the countryside to several destinations. There were discoveries around every bend in the road.  We regularly passed roadside shrines the kindly Czech people built for the safety of travelers. They also planted endless rows […]

A Fairy Tale Town Exists!

I’ve arrived in the fairy tale town of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and guess where I’m staying?!? On the steps of the castle!!  It’s extraordinary!  I’m lucky to have the companionship of Zoe Brooks, a Brit who fell in love with this place ten years ago. It was natural for her because […]

Last Request: Another Trdelnik!

I covered a lot of ground today, my last day in Prague. I started at a synagogue I discovered–it wasn’t in a guidebook.  These spectacular buildings are everywhere! And here’s another thing, all the cobblestone sidewalks are decorated with patterns! Since I’m always grabbing water (and scoping out new chocolate bars, let’s be honest) at […]

The High Price of Laundry in the Czech Republic

I made a colossal mistake!  I needed to wash my clothes but there aren’t any self service laundromats. So I decided to bite the bullet and have it done here at the hotel.  I returned to my room to find my fresh laundry and a bill for 4,320 Czech crowns.  That seemed like a lot […]

C is for the Czech Republic

My niece, Ali, texted me a picture of what is considered the most beautiful library in the world. Guess where it is? Prague. So I headed to the Klementinum library, a fine example of Baroque architecture founded by Jesuits in the 1700’s. The tour started in a chapel that regularly has concerts–I’m going to one […]


My train ride to Munich turned into an Oktberfest celebration!  As we got closer to Munich the train filled up with passengers sporting lederhosen and Bavarian dirndl skirts. My seat mates began passing out  spirits, pretzels, and beef sticks. It was only the beginning of what I’m sure will be a festive weekend for everyone. […]

Last Day in Innsbruck

My room at Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck overlooks some green space which is surrounded by apartment buildings. If I had binoculars I think I could’ve spied James Stewart and Grace Kelly. To further enhance the Rear Window ambiance, there was a saxophone playing, and occasionally the player would break out singing. This is the dreamlike environ […]

Kurhotel Vellererhof

Every day I spent at Kurhotel Vellererhof I looked forward to arriving at my comfortable accommodations that evening.  It is a four-star hotel known for their spa treatments. One of the guests I spoke with mentioned he and his wife spend ten days every year at the hotel–separately–to improve their physical and emotional health. I booked this […]

Colors of Innsbruck

I travelled by train to Innsbruck today. I’m compiling a list of life lessons I’ve learned using the trains in Austria, to be published at a later date. Today’s experience was uneventful, thankfully. And I’ve yet to tire of bucolic countryside dotted with occasional castles. A Tirol gentleman whose wife is Croation provided conversation. He […]


Thanks to Kay Gabrielsen Hinton for a glorious day! She mentioned yesterday that Hallstatt was her favorite city ever. So I cancelled my plans and the desk clerk helped me map the easiest train route: three trains, one ferry, three and a half hours. I took the shuttle to the station at 8:00 but my first […]

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